OUR USPs! (Un-Selling Propositions)

This is the great outdoors, and you are in a very remote area, we have our limitations:

•   This is not a holiday resort, so please don't expect the luxury & comfort of one

•   There will be insects and bugs especially in the evenings and around the lights

•   Frogs follow the insects. You will see a lot of them around,  but they DON'T jump on you, so just ignore them wherever they are

•   We have a few dogs: some are rescued some walked in; but all of them are very friendly and lovable and harmless; they are all vaccinated and inoculated, they will come around and try to get friendly, they may sleep in the tents

•   If you love animals feel free to pet the dogs and play with them. If not; just ignore them. Don’t jump around and act silly because that only makes you more interesting to them and they want to investigate!! Please do not feed them

•   Due to electricity issues there maybe short periods when the taps run dry

•   The Aircons in the tents are not effective during the day and are switched on around 9:30 pm when the voltage permits

•   The tents get very hot during the day